• PMT's Mission, Purpose and Vision

    PMT stands for Predictive Maintenance Technologies, and quality is not a one-time concern for us.  It is the result of an ongoing management process that is dedicated to not only meeting, but exceeding our customer’s expectations. The services we provide are vital to our customers.  Reduction of maintenance costs, improvement of product quality, increases in profitability, and providing a safer work environment for our customers is our goal with every job, from the smallest fan to the largest motor.

    PMT Mission: Through our highly trained team, we will maximize our customer's assets using technology, service, quality and training.

    PMT Vision: Through professional team development, technology and strong internal communication, PMT will drive business development.

    PMT Purpose: Maximize company's assets by identifying and eliminating the weakest link.

    Learn more on how we can help you by clicking on the technology that interests you the most, or call toll free 866-254-8177 to schedule your No Cost, No Obligation Reliability Assessment.

  • What Can PMT Do For ME?

    PMT offers a wide variety of services that can help keep your production going strong. From balances to vibration, mechanical repair to non-destructive testing, PMT is there for you,

    After the preliminary on-site analysis is performed, our certified technicians conduct a careful, in-depth analysis once they return to the office. Their education and experience allows them to provide you with a detailed report concerning the equipment or service performed. We will follow up with a phone call or visit to ensure the work was performed to your complete satisfaction and that you have a full understanding of the findings, and possibly discuss pro-active measures to assist in keeping your facility running.

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  • What is a No Cost, No Obligation Machine Wellness Check?

    If you're not sure if PMT can help your company save money, we will come at no cost to you. We will take vibration readings on up to eight machines of your choice to see if there is bearing wear, an imbalance or if there is other potential failure factors affecting your machines that could potentially break down, causing unwanted downtime and resulting in lost profit. Along with this service, PMT will conduct a 30 minute Infrared Reading or Ultrasonic Leak Detection to determine if your machinery is running too hot, or if you are losing valuable air or gas.

    We will then take all of this information, analyze it and create an easy to read analysis report with call to action suggestions for you to review.

    You get all of this at no charge and no obligation. All you have to do is call toll free 866-254-8177 to schedule your Machine Wellness Check.

A little bit about us...

We are here to help you save time and money

Our Newest Technology Offered is Motion Amplification

Advanced Vibration

What is done when we need to find a solution.

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What is it?

Bump Test

Phase analysis

What is Advanced Vibration?

By performing Advanced Vibration, PMT can "dig deeper" into your machine and "see" what's really going on. We take more readings and perform a Phase Analysis and Bump Test. We then take this data to our own Certified Vibration Analysis team in order to diagnose the issue(s) at hand. You will receive a detailed, yet easy to read analysis with recommendation(s) to address any problems requiring any attention.

Bump Test

A bump test is a type of vibration test that is normally run on a non-operating machine. The machine is instrumented with one or more vibration transducers, and it is then impacted with a massive object such as a hammer. The machine will respond to the impact "bump" by a vibration that will die away, and the signals from the transducers are recorded and fed into a spectrum analyzer. The resulting spectrum will contain peaks that correspond to the natural frequencies, or "resonances" of the machine. In any machine, the vibration excitation forces from its normal operation should be well away from the natural frequencies to avoid resonant responses that can cause very high and destructive vibration levels.

Phase Analysis

Phase is the position of a rotating part at any instant with respect to a fixed point. Phase gives us the vibration direction. For example: tuning a car engine using a timing light and inductive sensor is an application of phase analysis.

Everyone needs phase analysis. PMT will perform a phase analysis on problem machines when the source of the vibration is not clear or when it is necessary to confirm suspected sources of vibration. This analysis may include points measured only on the machine bearings or it can include points over the entire machine from the foundation up to the bearings.


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