What is motion amplification?

Motion Amplification is like combining a high speed camera with vibration analysis. When the two meet, you get the benefits of both amazing technologies: you get to see how a machine is moving, along with having the ability of collecting vibration data from any part of the data captured in the video.


Motion Amplification is like having two MILLION vibration sensors at your fingertips for analyzing the problematic machines that don't ever seem to run properly.


This unique software also has a filtering feature that allows us to single out a frequency, so we can analyze and determine how the machine moves only at that frequency. This is a powerful tool to have when you want to know which pump is causing piping issues or which fan is causing an issues with duct work two floors up.

Our Motion Amplification technology is a powerful tool that can help determine:

  • Foundation issues
  • Machine looseness issues
  • Mechanical issues
  • Piping issues
  • Fan ductwork issues
  • Manufacturing line issues
  • Natural frequency issues