Below is a sample of PMT's easy to read Vibration Analysis Report with machine status and pro-active recommendation(s).

What is an rcm program?

A Reliability Controlled Maintenance (RCM) program starts with a  no cost, no obligation Reliability Assessment from PMT. Our team will visit with you and help determine what predictive programs will work the best for your bottom line. A vibration program is a great tool by itself, but when you combine two or more of PMT's Preventative technologies (Vibration, Infrared and/or Ultrasonics), we then create a custom RCM Program that works with your budget and maintenance schedule. Do you require monthly vibration readings but only need infrared done bi-annually for insurance purposes? Do you need to pinpoint where and why you are losing air pressure? We can do that. When PMT performs an RCM program, we combine our technologies together in order to zone in on certain machinery and help pinpoint what issues may arise and give you proactive actions to help keep from breakdown. Give us a call for your no cost, no obligation reliability assessment and learn more today.


What can a RCM Program from PMT do for you?

Every industry is looking for a way to reduce costly downtime and repairs. Why not diminish both? Our RCM programs can help increase your operating up time and help add money to your bottom line. By combining two or more of our technologies, we can help you take proactive measures to schedule machine breakdown so you can keep downtime to a minimum.  These programs can help eliminate unnecessary part inventory, reduce energy consumption by pinpointing where energy is lost, and increase life span of your equipment. Corrective actions such as balances or alignments can be recommended and we can help with those as well. Using a combination of our predictive programs gives you an upper hand in running your production smoothly.